Pulse Nutrition Clinic

Disclaimer for clients



I understand that a nutrition session with nutritionist Emily Isaacson is designed for nutrition education, analysis, and assessment. It does NOT provide specific information about diseases nor diagnose any disease. Instead, it provides information about food, vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, and nutrition.
I waive the right to pursue any legal action in response to the service rendered or supplements obtained and taken through the P U L S E Nutrition Clinic. I waive any legal right in objection to advice not rendered, the result of any nutrition consultation, in following instructions, or in response to information given to me by nutritionist Emily Isaacson, either in clinical session, by coffee shop consult, by email, by phone, or by home visit. 
I agree to be responsible for the results and outcome of my own healing journey. I am able to get a second opinion or consult with a physician if my condition worsens or I am unsure of the result, such as a supplement conflicting with any prescribed medication.
I agree to phone the nutritionist immediately in case of a reaction to my supplements or a crisis so I can be referred to the appropriate care. 
Signed: ___________________________